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↓   String Classes (with experience): Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass   ↓

Robin Orchestra

For the youngest, non note-reading string students in their first year of study, this orchestra provides an encouraging opportunity to learn to play and perform as a group. The Friday performance is always a crowd favorite! See instructions for “How to Choose Your Level” here. Level one students choose this orchestra.

Mozart Orchestra

For intermediate string players, this orchestra will challenge and entertain with some great music selections! See instructions for “How to Choose Your Level” here. Level two and three select this orchestra. Mozart Orchestra is included in the Friday performances at recital time.

Chamber Orchestra

This most advanced of the three orchestras provides an opportunity to learn challenging music in a group setting with a conductor. See instructions for “How to Choose Your Level” here. This orchestra is appropriate for levels four and five. Chamber Orchestra will be featured in the Friday performances at recital time as well.

Small Group Lessons

For all ages. These classes were formerly known as our “master classes” and are for those who already play a stringed instrument. These classes will provide you an opportunity to work as part of a small group on music provided by the instructor, targeted to players at your level. Instruction is geared toward both individuals and the group. String small group lessons will also include time to work on orchestra music. To select your class level, please see our instructions for “How to Choose Your Level” here.

Advanced String Ensemble

For levels 5+. The class will bring together our most advanced string students in a small group to learn challenging repertoire while working to fine tune their listening and playing skills. This class is sure to be a fun and welcome challenge for the most accomplished string students. See our instructions for “How to Choose Your Level” here.

Celtic Fiddling

For levels 2+. In this class students will learn how to fiddle through traditional Scottish and Irish music. They will also work on techniques for styling Celtic music. Open to violin, viola, and cello. Levels 2-3 and Level 3+ available.

Fiddling: "Old Time"

For levels 2+. In this class students will learn fun, standard old time fiddle tunes. These tunes are played as a group, with opportunities for short solos. Open to violin, viola, and cello.

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↓   Piano Classes (with experience)   ↓

Piano Small Group Lessons

For all ages. Formerly known as “master classes,” these classes will provide you an opportunity to work as part of a small group on music and theory provided by the instructor, targeted to players at your level. Expect both individual and group instruction in these classes. Instructions for choosing your level can be found here.

Chord Camp

For levels 2+. Students learn to read melodies and make up chordal left hand accompaniments – similar to guitar chord notation. This allows students to improvise and make up their own arrangements, while mastering all their major and minor chords—a valuable addition to any piano students’ repertoire!

Piano Ensemble

For levels 3+. Do you have a favorite duet partner? Well, you just might find one here as you learn the fun of playing piano with others, while improving your listening and counting skills.

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↓   Intro Classes (little or no previous experience)   ↓

Acoustic Guitar: Intro

For ages 7+. Come ready for an introduction to the fundamentals of guitar, learning in a group setting. Guitars are provided.

Acoustic Guitar Intro with Previous MMI Experience

For ages 7+. This class is for you if you have already been through an MMI intro class, or have had a few lessons and are ready to be challenged a bit more!

Cello: Intro

For all ages. Learn the essentials of playing this “intermediate-sized” stringed instrument. Learn to identify the strings and pluck and bow simple melodies. Cellos are not provided, but can be rented at several local music stores.

Contemporary Double Bass, Intro, Ages 10+

For ages 9+. Try your hand at plucking and bowing this granddaddy of the stringed instruments. For students new to the instrument, this intro class is the right one! Double basses are provided.

Harp: Intro

For all ages. Learn the parts of the harp, the names of the strings, and the fundamentals of harp hand positioning. Pluck simple melodies in the treble clef. Harps are provided.

Harp: Intro, with Previous MMI Intro Experience

For ages 9+. This class is for you if you have already taken an MMI Harp Intro class and want to know more.

Piano: Intro

For all ages. This class is for those with no previous piano experience. You will learn to count rhythms, the “geography” of the keyboard, where to place your fingers and how to play. By the end of the week, you will be able to play several tunes on the piano.

Piano: Intro, with Previous MMI Intro Experience

For all ages. This class is for students who have already taken Intro to Piano at MMI, but have not had private piano lessons. Preview what you learned in Intro to Piano and learn more challenging songs.

Violin: Intro

For all ages. For those with no previous violin experience, become acquainted with the smallest and highest-pitched stringed instrument. Learn the parts of the violin, bow-hand positioning, and proper hold. You will learn proper technique and get a taste for playing this versatile instrument! Violins are not provided, but can be rented at local music stores.

Viola: Intro

For all ages. Get a taste for playing the viola, the stringed instrument that is slightly larger than a violin, and has a deeper sound. Choose viola intro, no string experience, if you have never played a stringed instrument, and viola intro, string experience, if you have played a string instrument but want to get to know this “middle voice” of the string family. Violas are not provided, but can be rented at local music stores.

↓   Elective Classes (open to all students)   ↓


For all ages. Explore the wonder of the senses through various media. Make projects that you will take home at the end of the week to share with parents, siblings, or friends, or to simply enjoy. Be prepared to get a little messy while you create.

Chess: Beginning

For all ages. Discover why the most complex game in the world can be fun for anyone, at any age! Starting with the basics, the class moves on to the really fun parts of chess at a relaxed and fun pace. Learn how anyone can think several moves ahead and checkmate (win) without smoke coming out of his ears! This class is for the beginner who is new to chess and for those who are unsure how to “castle” or “checkmate.”

Chess: Intermediate

For all ages. Come with the basic knowledge of chess in your pocket, and a desire to learn more. This class teaches more strategy as well as the intermediate tactics of chess, such as the fork, the pin, discovered check, double attacks, and double check. This class is for those who have taken the beginning chess class one or more times at MMI, and those willing to challenge themselves to learn more.

Chess: Upper Intermediate

For ages 9+. For those who have discovered the real opponent is within. This class will take the intermediate level player even further, with another layer of challenge. If you love chess and have learned all the intermediate tactics, this is the class for you!


For all ages. Students will learn basic music principles such as rhythm, melody, and harmony through singing. By singing in a group, young singers learn how to blend their voices with others. Students will have an opportunity for both solo and groups work, while exploring a variety of musical styles.

Dance: Beginning Hip-Hop

For all ages. One of MMI’s favorite electives for both boys and girls! Feel the rhythms and express yourself in this high-energy class, while learning choreographed moves to popular hip hop music.

Dance: Intermediate Hip-Hop

For students ages 9+ with previous hip hop experience. Build on the basics of what you already know for great, high-energy fun!

Dance: Irish

For all ages. Jump 2-3 and point! Hold those arms straight! Come and be a part of the beauty of dance, Irish-style. Learn choreographed dances to beautiful Celtic melodies.

Knitting: Beginning

For ages 8+. Knitting is good for the brain! Students can learn how to manipulate two needles and yarn. Over the course of the week, they will be taught how to cast on, knit, and cast off, all while creating a fun project.

Knitting: Intermediate

For ages 8+. Proficient at the knit and purl stitches? Intermediate Knitting at MMI could be right for you! During the week, you will create a hat as you add to your knitting skills.

Musica Lingua, German

For ages 5-8 only. Through music, movement, drama and art, children learn key vocabulary in German. Emphasis is on hearing the spoken language, learning the language through song, and expressing what is being learned in dramatic play. Children receive a CD to continue learning at home. Just as important, it is fun for everyone!

Music Theory

For all ages. What makes music work? Improve your musical ability as you master the foundations to rhythm, key signatures, intervals, chords, terminology, and more. You’ll have fun discovering the complexities behind music and improve your understanding of how music works. Beginner and Intermediate classes available.

Musical Theatre Ensemble

For all ages. Do you find yourself walking through the halls, wanting to sing and dance out your emotions? If so, this is the class for you! If not, after this class, you will! We will take a fresh look at how music, movement, and action are used to tell a story. You won’t see musical theater the same way again!

Vocal Technique

For ages 10+. These group lessons with individual attention focus more specifically on the techniques of singing. Students work to develop their breathing skills, perfect their posture, and project their voices.

World Drumming & Rhythm Exploration

For all ages. Explore various ways to create rhythm and tap into the beat of your own drum! Drums and instruments are provided.


For all ages. Namaste! Focus, stretch, and bring calm into the day with a yoga class uniquely designed for children. In addition to learning poses, students learn calming ways to handle stress…even the stress of a looming performance.

↓   MMI Mini Camp   ↓

Ages 4+ In Pre-K Or Kindergarten

Fueled by their natural curiosity, mini-campers will be introduced to violin, keyboard, and rhythms, and explore music and art through song, drumming, and movement. Mini-campers will discover the joy in music and gain experience in the fundamentals.