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Q: Does my child need to have an instrument to attend MMI?

A: If your child is registered for a class in violin, viola, or cello, please have him or her bring the relevant instrument to camp. Each of these instruments is available for weekly rental at area music stores. Click here for information on how to choose the right size instrument for your child.

Also, MMI has a limited number of violins to lend students with need. Please email for more information.

MMI provides guitars, harps, ukuleles, and double basses for students enrolled in these classes. Unfortunately, these instruments may not be taken home during the week for practice.

Q: Can my pre-K child or Kindergartener attend MMI?

A: Yes, our youngest campers (pre-K and K) can participate in our MMI Mini-Camp. Mini-Campers go between the same four classrooms, with a variety of activities during the morning. Fueled by their natural curiosity, they will be introduced to violin, keyboard, and rhythms, and explore music through song, drumming, and movement. Mini-campers will discover the joy in music and gain experience in the fundamentals.They are welcome to attend recitals at 11:40am each day, but we request that a parent accompanies them at the recital.

Q: Do students need to be able to read music in order to play in the orchestra?

A: MMI’s three orchestras, the Robin, Mozart, and Chamber Orchestras, engage every string student from the non-music reader to advanced student. It is necessary to read notes for all but the Robin Orchestra. All string students will participate in an orchestra at their level during the institute. Playing as part of an ensemble of this sort provides valuable experience for new musicians as well as those who have been playing for longer.