Other Classes

Acoustic Guitar, Intro

For ages 7+. Come ready for an introduction to the fundamentals of guitar, learning in a group setting. Guitars are provided.

Acoustic Guitar, Small Group Lesson, Level 1+

For all ages. For those who already play guitar at level one or higher, this small group class will challenge you to improve your playing ability with more advanced chords and strumming patterns.

African Drum Circle

For all ages. This high energy, interactive drumming class provides an opportunity to connect with others and learn about hand-drumming, as well as the different techniques used to produce sounds and rhythms with the African hand drum. No experience necessary, and drums are provided.



For all ages. Discover why the most complex game in the world can be fun for anyone, at any age! Starting with the basics, the class moves on to the really fun parts of chess at a relaxed and fun pace. Learn how anyone can think several moves ahead and checkmate (win) without smoke coming out of his ears! This class is for the beginner who is new to chess and for those who are unsure how to “castle” or “checkmate.”


For all ages. Come with the basic knowledge of chess in your pocket, and a desire to learn more. This class teaches more strategy as well as the intermediate tactics of chess, such as the fork, the pin, discovered check, double attacks, and double check. This class is for those who have taken the beginning chess class one or more times at MMI, and those willing to challenge themselves to learn more.

Intermediate/Upper Intermediate

For ages 9+. For those who have discovered the real opponent is within. This class will take the intermediate level player even further, with another layer of challenge. If you love chess and have learned all the intermediate tactics, this is the class for you!

Harp, Intro

For all ages. Learn the parts of the harp, the names of the strings, and the fundamentals of harp hand positioning. Pluck simple melodies in the treble clef. Harps are provided.

Harp, Intro Previous MMI Experience

For ages 9+. This class is for you if you have already taken an MMI Harp Intro class and want to know more. Harps are provided.

Musical Brain Games

Required for all ages.

Level 1, Allegro! Energized by a series of interactive games, students will learn the musical alphabet, intervals, clef signs, the grand staff, landmark notes, names of lines and spaces, basic time signatures, basic note values and rhythmic reading, dynamics, musical terminology, major vs. minor keys, and articulation. (This class is appropriate for students with no musical background and those with 1-2 years of experience. Allegro! covers concepts piano students are learning in Faber primer – level 2B books and string students in Suzuki books 1-2.)

Level 2, Vivace! Using a series of progressive games, students learn scale degrees, key signatures, advanced time signatures, dotted rhythms, dynamics, musical terminology, chord progressions and inversions, minor scales, and the circle of 5ths.

Ukulele, Intro

For all ages.This class will guide students through the fundamentals of learning to play the ukulele, including how to hold a ukulele, tuning, strumming, basic chord changes, picking, and even learning to play simple songs. Ukuleles are provided.


For all ages. Namaste! Focus, stretch, and bring calm into the day with a yoga class uniquely designed for children. In addition to learning poses, students learn calming ways to handle stress…even the stress of a looming performance.